Kurulus Osman Episode 150 English Subtitles


Kurulus Osman Episode 150 English Subtitles is a Turkish historical fiction television series, which premiered in 2019. The show is a spin-off of another popular Turkish historical drama, "Diriliş: Ertuğrul", and tells the story of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman I. The show stars Burak Özçivit in the lead role of Osman and features a large ensemble cast of Turkish actors.

The show has gained a significant following both in Turkey and internationally, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia. The series is known for its high production values, intricate plotlines, and detailed depictions of Turkish history and culture. It has been praised for its engaging storytelling and its ability to bring to life the fascinating world of the Ottoman Empire.

Kurulus: Osman" Season 1 follows the story of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Bey and the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The season begins with Osman living in the mountains with his father and his tribe, the Kayi tribe. After the death of his father, Osman takes on the responsibility of leading his tribe and protecting their lands from the Byzantine Empire.

Osman forms alliances with other Turkish tribes and eventually establishes a new state, the Ottoman Empire. Along the way, he faces many challenges, including betrayal from within his own tribe, battles with the Byzantine Empire, and threats from the Mongols.

In addition to political struggles, Osman also faces personal challenges, such as his love for Bala Hatun, the daughter of a rival tribe leader, and his complicated relationship with his stepmother, Selcan Hatun.

Throughout the season, Osman is guided by his faith and his belief in his destiny to unite the Turkish tribes and establish a powerful new empire. The season ends with Osman successfully establishing the Ottoman state, and with the promise of more challenges and adventures to come in future seasons.

"Kurulus: Osman" Season 2 picks up where the first season left off, with Osman Bey as the leader of the newly-established Ottoman Empire. The season focuses on Osman's efforts to expand his territory and solidify his rule, while facing new enemies and challenges.

One of the major storylines in Season 2 is the arrival of the Mongol army, led by the ruthless commander Baycu Noyan. Osman and his allies must fight against the Mongols to protect their lands and people. Meanwhile, a new threat emerges in the form of the Serbian Empire, led by Tsar Nikola.

Osman's personal life also takes center stage in Season 2, as he continues to navigate his relationships with Bala Hatun and his family. He also faces a new rival in the form of the ambitious Aygul, who has her sights set on becoming the wife of the Ottoman ruler.

As the season progresses, Osman faces increasingly difficult challenges, including assassination attempts, betrayal from within his own ranks, and the death of a beloved ally. But he remains committed to his vision of creating a just and prosperous empire, and continues to fight for his people and his legacy.

The season ends with a cliffhanger, as a major character is left in a perilous situation and the future of the Ottoman Empire hangs in the balance.

"Kurulus: Osman" is a Turkish historical drama television series that premiered in 2019. It is a sequel to the popular series "Dirilis: Ertugrul" and follows the life of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

The series begins with Osman, played by Burak Ozcivit, as a young man living in the 13th century with his family in the region of Anatolia, which is occupied by the Byzantine Empire. Osman is determined to establish a new state with his tribe, the Kayi, and reclaim the land for the Turks.

Osman's father, Ertugrul Bey, has passed away, and his brother Gunduz Bey is the leader of the tribe. However, Osman believes he is destined to lead the Kayi and convinces his family and fellow tribesmen to follow him. He also gains the support of other Turkish tribes and forms alliances with them.

Throughout the series, Osman faces many challenges, including battles with the Byzantine Empire and other rival tribes. He also deals with betrayal from within his own tribe, including his cousin Dundar Bey, who seeks to overthrow him and take control of the Kayi.

Along the way, Osman falls in love with Bala Hatun, a woman from a rival tribe, and they eventually marry. They have children together, including Orhan, who will go on to become the second Ottoman Sultan after Osman's death.

The series explores themes of loyalty, honor, and family, as well as the struggles of the Turkish people in establishing a new state. It also features historical figures such as Sheikh Edebali, who plays a pivotal role in Osman's journey, and Turgut Alp, a loyal warrior and friend of Ertugrul Bey.

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